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by Covidjits

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    ALL PROCEEDS TO GO TO THE ORANGEVILLE FOOD BANK AND THE CHOICES YOUTH SHELTER in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada, two very important local (to me) organizations that could use the help during these tough times. NO PROFITS MADE!
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The alleys are empty, the ghost in the street The boards on the windows they keep in the meat The science, the fiction, they made for the ring But nobody reads so none knew a thing The hipsters are shoulder-deep lined up for Joe The blogs all abandoned how were they to know The staples, the produce are prey to the touch Try to ignore it, don't think very much T'was predicted (I want to be wrong this time) Self-inflicted but for the lack of a lime Been evicted (I can't see how long this line) I'm not feeling strong this time Pile al your shit tickets up to the skies When nobody lives then nobody dies The poppies and nanas are dropping like flies A hug and a kiss, a quick sanitize The workers at home with dumb kids to beat You pay for the tests once the forms are complete The wolf at the door with nothing to eat He won't find us here, dear, under the sheet T'was a vengeance (I want to be right this time) This final sentence but for the lack of a lime Hail Mary pay your penance (I can't read this print so fine) I'm not feeling strong this time Wake me in the morning (I want to forget this time) This final warning but for the lack of a lime Somehow this ball keeps turning (I can't see from going blind) I'm not feeling strong
Their furnace craves the carbon The flames no man can sate Malicious mechanism Hiding teeth beneath the grate The engineer the traitor and the snake who fills the pails Thus flesh incinerated burning balance from the scales The bellows wheeze and whimper The flame grows thick and black The wheels were set in motion and There is no turning back Treacherous duolicitous into this fire we're tossed Society as Sisyphus the kindling of the holocaust Turn and watch the children learn to Earn and feed the fuel to feed the Urn Become the coals for them to burn Sentenced to burn.... The treasonous pact, the Judas who rules The ashes of friends, the fire of fools Te treasonous pact, Cassius and ghouls Embers dismember the fire of fools The treasonous pact, we drive the mules The blaze of our brothers the fire of fools The system's been hacked, we line up like tools The stadium's packed, the fire of fools
5am alive again, I'm out of bed no fair Drag my ass through sun-up cuz I sleep through it so rare Crispy eyes a creaky back, am I out of my mind? I think I need a Joe attack, let's grind A pot or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 8 Grab my deck and hit the deck I'm late Wraparounds to block the sun, I'm edgier than you Give me black or get thee black and blue! OXYGEN? SCHMOXYGEN! Get between me and my 'fiene yer not my friend The fluid elemental is ruining my dental The holy drug the mandatory mug Take yer tea and shove it, be it leafy herbal green Coffee coffee coffee's what I want I need my 'fiene GIVE ME MUD OR GIVE ME BLOOD Three cups and I'm ok Try to sneak a decaf in? No way Tried to quit, got the shakes Need them 50 coffee breaks Let's smash those fucking beans I'll crank that rail Stay up late, close the bar Java knows you won't get far You'll drown the hurt in "dirt" it will not fail OXYGEN? SHMOXYGEN!! Filter gone I'll use my fucking socks again Join the crew, do the brew Raise the porcelain SALUT The holy drug the mandatory MUG!
24, 28, 64 Been gone a while from the scene of the war I know the way back by heart, hold the blind Packed all my bags for a new shack to find The stories get bigger the lessons the same The fingers were pointed and I took the blame The legends are leaving us one at a time Plastered on weekends I wasted my prime I wouldn't change a single thing (except for a million) I wouldn't take back what I did (except for the end) I wouldn't let the memories just fade away I could not stay I got the pedal floored, I gotta settle scores LIGHT PORCH! I'm on on my way I gota a bone to pick, a fucking wound to lick LIGHT PORCH! I'm on my way I put the stitch aside, I gobble up my pride LIGHT PORCH! I'm on my way I'll creep around the back, asleep a sneak attack LIGHT PORCH! I'm on my way back home Fell in some doors we took out some stairs No one remembers and nobody cares Walking to school one cut through a yard Seen plenty worse, I didn't have it hard Stumbleweed town now where are the kids? No amps, no ramps, no marks off a skid Totally different, somewhat unique Triggers me still, will not last a week 24 now that was me 44 now how can that be? 28 to 64 Not great, not rich, not poor I wouldn't change a single thing (except for the murder) I wouldn't take back what I did (except for the lies) I couldn't watch me growing older every day, I could not stay....
Murray M Buryem strap on the noose and let's go This just might be your last chance to ride in a nice limousine Murray, adrenaline might keep you fine until 3 But the lines'll get blurry so, Murray, forget the Clozapine I won't even pretend to know what you're going through I won't even suggest I know your pain I can't even predict this will go well, oh well Fire the prodigal son into the sun Push out the nautical flow and let him go Eulogize, romanticize this one time Maybe the darkness will get brighter sometimes Maybe there's heaven and that's where he jams now Murray M Buryem don't get me wrong, this is shit I can't even imagine the depths of this horrible pit Easier said than done, I've never lost a son It's so fucking trite for me to say "get over it" By the hairs upon my chin, they're going grey We will all remember him But now it's time to say arrivederci, sayonara Onwards and upwards 'til tomorra Hate me if that makes it easier Fuck me if that makes you smile Punch me if that means you can live again Fare thee well after a while (Miss you, S).


A COVID/Social Distancing Project to help out my local Food Bank and Youth Shelter (two great and important organizations in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada that could use help during these difficult times).
Featuring members of Five Knuckle Chuckle, Three Impotent Males and Wired Wrong.


released June 9, 2020

All songs written, recorded, mixed/produced by COVIDJITS
Wes Ryan- guitars, knob-twiddling
Wally Wallington- drums, good times
Chris Uttley- bass, serious hair
Joey Burke- backup vocals, moonsaults
Cory McCallum- vocals, coffee addiction

Paul Livingstone- artwork and logo, forever and ever!


all rights reserved



Covidjits Ontario

Members of Five Knuckle Chuckle, Three Impotent Males and Wired Wrong trying to do something nice for the community.

Keep skating.
Keep fighting.
Stay gold.

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